Friday, September 30, 2016

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

We're on a caterpillar hunt!
  Off to Sabin's fields we go!

Walking and talking with our buddies along the way.  Oh,
what a beautiful day!

Amy demonstrates that ponies learn too!
In a matter of days both our caterpillars spun their chrysalis.

Surprise!  About ten days later, on our friend Cernan's last day with us, both butterflies emerged from their chrysalis.

We hated to say "goodbye" so instead we wished our butterflies well and said, "So long, have a great trip!"
                                                       Off they went........

Butterflies actually tickle when they walk on your fingers! :)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Getting to know each other and thinking about our hopes and dreams...

Making our names tags!😊

                                                       Articulating our Hopes & Dreams